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Computer Cables, Computer Accessories, Computer Cards & Devices, Adapters, Gender Changers, etc.

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PC Cables
AT Keyboard Cables
CD-ROM Cables
Centronics Cables
Data Transfer Cables
DB25 Cable Assemblies
DB37 Cable Assemblies
DB9 Cable Assemblies
Desktop Extension Cables
DVI Monitor Cables
I/O Motherboard Adapters
IDE Floppy - Flat Ribbon Cables
IDE Floppy - Round 3.5 in Cables
Internal Power Cables
Modem Cables
Null Modem Cables
Power Cords
Printer Cables for Parallel & Serial
PS 2 Keyboard & Mouse Cables
Serial ATA Supplies
V.35 Cables
VGA Monitor Cables

Apple & Mac Cables
FireWire Cables
FireWire Hubs
FireWire® Adapters
Host Controller Cards
iPod® Supplies
Modem Cables
Printer Cables
Serial Cables
USB AA Extension Cables
USB AB Cables
USB Adapters
USB Hard Drive Enclosures
USB Hubs
USB Lighted Cables
USB Memory Card Readers
USB Memory Watches
USB Mini-B Cables
Video Cables

Computer Accessories
Cable Sleeving
Cable Ties
Case Fans
Case Light Kits
Case Window Kits
Colored/Illuminated USB Cables
Hook & Loop Cable Ties & Straps
Molded Round Drive Cables
Rack-Mountable Cable Management

SCSI Adapters
SCSI Controller Cards
SCSI-1 External Cables
SCSI-1 Internal Cables
SCSI-2 External Cables
SCSI-2 Internal Cables
SCSI-2 To SCSI-1 Cables
SCSI-3 External Cables
SCSI-3 Internal Cables
SCSI-3 To SCSI-1 Cables
SCSI-3 To SCSI-2 Cables
Serial Attached SCSI - SAS Cables
SCSI Terminators - External and Internal
Ultra160 and Ultra 320 Internal Cables
VHDCI External Cables

Monitor Cables
DVI KVM Cables
DVI to VGA Adapters & Cables
DVI-D Cables
DVI-D to DFP Cables
DVI-I Cables
HDMI - Certified Cables
HDMI to DVI Cables
Monitor Extension Cables (All Types)
Monitor Splitters
Multiple Display Adapters
SonicWave DVI HDTV Cables
SVGA Monitor Cables
SXGA Angled Connector Cables
SXGA Break-Apart Cables
SXGA Monitor Cables
UXGA Monitor Cables
UXGA Monitor Splitters & Extenders
UXGA Plenum Monitor & Projector Cables
UXGA Plenum Monitor Cable - Bulk
VGA Adapters & Gender Changers
VGA to BNC Cables
VGA270™ Monitor Cables
XGA Adapters

Computer Cards & Devices
Combination I/O Cards
Fingerprint Readers
FireWire Controller Cards
Hard Drive Enclosures
IDE Controller Cards
Laptop PC Cards
Parallel I/O Cards
SCSI Controller Cards
Serial ATA Cards
Serial I/O Cards
USB Controller Cards
USB with FireWire

Gender Changers
Centronics Gender Changers
D-sub Gender Changers
DB15 Gender Changers
DB25 Gender Changers
DB37 Gender Changers
DB9 Gender Changers
HD15 Gender Changers
Low-Profile Gender Changers
Mini-Din Gender Changers
SCSI Gender Changers
VGA Gender Changers

3.5mm Adapters
6.3mm Adapters
Audio Video Adapters
BNC Adapters
Component Video Adapters
DVI Adapters
F-Type (RG6) Adapters
Fiber Adapters
FireWire® Adapters
HDMI Adapters
Keyboard Adapters (AT, PS/2, USB)
M1 Adapters
Modular Adapters (RJ12, RJ45)
Monitor Adapters
MP3 Adapters
Null Modem Adapters (DB25, DB9)
Parallel Printer Adapters
RCA Adapters
S-Video Adapters
SCSI Adapters
Serial Adapters (DB25, DB9, USB)
Stereo Adapters
USB Adapters
VGA Adapters
XLR Adapters
Y-Mouse Adapters


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Copyright © 2002-2007 All Rights Reserved - Our company offers thousands of computer and network cables for both copper and fiber optic applications. We serve many OEM and ODM customers, such as 3Com®, Compaq®, IBM®, Motorola® and Unisys®, with standard and custom cable assemblies, adapters, and hardware. The Cables 2 Go domestic and offshore manufacturing services are unmatched by any provider in the industry. Our expert manufacturing processes, attention to quality, and high-volume capabilities make our company "Your One Source" for all of your standard and custom connectivity needs.