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Projector Cables, Adapters and Switches - Component Video, BNC, RCA, HDTV, M1

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Our company offers Projector Cables, Adapters and Switches, at very competitive prices. We also offer excellent reseller opportunities and full custom cable assembly manufacturing services. Please see below some of our products:

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RCA TYPE COMPONENT VIDEO TO HD15 BREAKOUT CABLE for Home Theater HDTV rear projection televisions

SonicWave™ Component Video RCA Break-Out Cables by Impact Acoustics™ are specifically designed for digital video and next generation, high-definition analog video applications. These cables ensure state-of-the-art performance through advanced cable design, construction and materials. Silver-plated oxygen-free copper center conductors and nitrogen-foamed PE dielectric combine with Cu Shielding Technology™ and 24K gold-plated connectors to provide a lifetime of dependable performance. Precise construction techniques maintain characteristic 75-ohm impedance to guarantee maximum signal fidelity. Please note: These cables are not compatible with computer monitor ports. Your video source must provide a YPbPr component video signal from the HD15 port to use this cable.

    Connectors: Three RCA Male to One HD15
    Broadcast quality 75-ohm component video interconnects feature silver-plated oxygen-free copper center conductors
    Three layers of shielding: two 80%+ OFC copper braids and one 100% overlapped Mylar® foil provide maximum immunity to environmental EMI and RFI
    Silver-solder construction eliminates the negative effects of dissimilar metals on the delicate video signal
    Flexcable™ ultra-flexible PVC jacket for easy installation

M1 to DVI-D WITH USB CABLE for Ask Proxima and Infocus projectors plus select Dell, Hitachi, Toshiba and Viewsonic projectors, and other devices with M1 connectors.

M1 cables (also known as EVC or P&D cables) work with projectors and other devices with the new universal M1 connector. M1 can carry both digital and analog signals as well as USB. Many new projectors on the market utilize this new technology to provide the flexibility of connecting to either VGA or DVI inputs. Plus, the USB component allows the use of a wireless presenter -- with just one cable!

    Compatible with the following projectors:
    Ask Proxima: C110, C130, C160, C170, C180, C410, C420, C440, C450, C460, M1, M2, M2+, C445, C450, C175, C185, DP1200X, DP1000X, DP8400X, DP8500X
    Dell: 3200MP, 3300MP, 4100MP, 5100MP
    Hitachi: CP-X1200, CP-X1250
    InFocus: LP120, LP130, LP335, LP340, LP340B, LP350, LP500, LP530, LP540, LP600, LP630, LP640, LP70, LP70+, LP815, LP820, LP840, LP850, LP860, LP930, LS110, X2, X3, SP777, SP4805, SP5000, SP5700, SP7200, SP7205, SP7210, IN32, IN34, IN72, IN74EX
    Toshiba: TDP-T3, TDP-S3, TDP-S2V, TDP-T1, TDP-S1-US, TPD-B1-US, TDP-P4, TDP-P3-US, TLP-X4500U
    Viewsonic: PJ1172

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